About the Firm

In its early stages, PC Stone & Masonry was indirectly founded under a different name in Vila Verde, Portugal, where Adelino worked with his father in learning the masonry trade. Years later, Adelino brought his trade knowledge and unique skills to the US and founded PC Stone & Masonry.

Today, PC Stone & Masonry is a family-owned and operated company. The firm aims to provide only the highest quality masonry and construction services through trade expertise, exceptional quality, and skilled workmanship. It is a versatile company, serving both residential and commercial clients, and has conducted both more complex and less elaborate projects. With such a wide array of experience and expertise, the team is willing and capable of adhering to client's specific demands.

PC Stone & Masonry enjoys pleasing their clients almost more than how pleased the clients are with the work. We hope that you too will choose PC Stone & Masonry to assist you with your latest project.

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​​​Instilled from the values of its founder, we approach every job with utmost importance and deliver maximum effort. By tailoring our work to the client's desires, PC Stone & Masonry ensures the highest-quality of performance, master craftmanship, and uniqueness to achieve client satisfaction across all projects.


Over 31 Years of Excellence